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Stonehenge to Avebury and Castle Combe Trip

Full-day tour from Chippenham, Stonehenge, Avebury and Castle Combe

205 GBP/4 people group

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Stonehenge to Avebury and Castle Combe Trip

Highlights of this trip

  • Full-day tour from Stonehenge to Avebury and Castle Combe

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stonehenge

  • Visit Avebury, one of the greatest marvels of prehistoric Britain, the largest stone circle in Europe

  • Visit the tranquil village of Castle Combe

Stonehenge to Avebury and Castle Combe Day Trip - Overview

If you are interested in prehistoric and medieval architecture this full-day trip is for you. Stonehenge to Avebury and finally Castle Combe all await you on this day. Travel comfortably in an air-conditioned private car while spending time in Avebury, visiting the largest stone circle in Europe, and continuing in a small group to visit Stonehenge, Europe’s best-known prehistoric monument and lastly tour Castle Combe.


What to Expect: Stonehenge


After being picked up from the Chippenham train station meeting point, travel by comfortable private car to your first stop:


You'll start your day off gazing at England’s countryside as you’re driven to Salisbury Plain, the home of the first UNESCO-listed stone circle on your tour: Stonehenge! Come delight in this prehistoric edifice, whose beginnings can be traced back 4,500 years and is built on the axis of the midsummer sunrise. It is believed to have been an ancient temple aligned to the movements of the sun, a site for rituals in honour of pagan gods, or a Druid place of worship. As you take in this old-world wonder you'll theorise on how these monolithic stones were transported from the Preseli mountains in Wales, over 240 miles away! With the help of carbon dating, it was possible to identify that the construction of the henge began around 3100 BC and ended around 1600 BC; the henge took over 1500 years to be built as it is seen today!  After that, come see the cutting-edge visitor centre to see the archaeological and virtual displays, hosting over 300 archaeological wonders for you to discover, including jewellery, pottery, and human remains. What meaning did Stonehenge serve? We may never fully known, but it is hard not to be drawn into wondering about the mystery of this incredible feat of ancient architecture.


What to Expect: Avebury Stone Circle


After the first henge monument get ready for the second, in Avebury! Avebury plays host to one of the most thrilling facets of prehistoric Britain, containing the largest Neolithic henge monument in Europe and the supposed sacred meeting place for ancient British people, and may have been constructed in alignment with star constellations. An archaeological study at Avebury in Wiltshire suggests the Neolithic hedge had far more odd beginnings than previously believed.  In fact, the huge circle started out as square-shaped, archaeologists now believe, after discovering a mysterious box-shaped enclosure of giant stones in the middle of the henge. With the help of radiocarbon-dating researchers have found that the construction of the site must have taken place in the middle of the 3rd millennium BC.  An estimated 90,000m³ of hard chalk, weighing 165,000 tons, was dug up to create the inner ditch and used in constructing the site. This tremendous feat was accomplished with the use of stone mauls and antler picks. The result of these efforts are two great circles, surrounded by one even larger stone perimeter, an inner ditch and an avenue leading from the southeastern entrance to the western one. You will surely be left amazed at the pathway of paired stones lead you to wonderous panoramas. The intended purpose of the Avebury hedge mystery may never be truly known; you'll be astonished by the grandeur of the site; perhaps it will tug on a heartstring tied to a more ancient part of you!


What to Expect: Castle Combe


After Avebury, you’ll head to Castle Combe which, supposedly most beautiful village in Southern England, perhaps in all of the United Kingdom! It’s true that a many movies and television series have used it as a filming location; among these are The Wolfman, Dr. Doolittle, Stardust, and Steven Spielberg’s Warhorse!  In the summertime it is especially beautiful with the blooming flowers surrounded by the silent days of old, the flowing river passing through the village and bright green trees at the edge of the stone work.


The ‘prettiest village in England’, with the houses being built out of Cotswold stone, Castle Combe is a unique English village, having dense history. Come see this little town, and where it seems time has not passed a day since centuries. Words do this place no justice: the centuries old stone houses lined up besides each other with the occasional thatched roof will warm your heart over. If you feel at home with old villages, or if you enjoy seeing quaint curiosities then you can’t miss this village during your tour!


Your tour ends with as it began: at Chippenham Train Station, after a peaceful ride in the comfort of your private car.

From Stonehenge to Avebury stone circle and lastly to Castle Combe. A wonderful one day trip from Comfort Taxi Tours, which you can book today!



Important Information


Departure Point

Chippenham Train Station, in Short Stay car park

Departure Time

9:30 am

Return Details

Concludes at Chippenham Train Station at approximately 4:30 pm



  • Transport by air-conditioned comfortable private car
  • Admission to Stonehenge (Entry ticket not include)
205 GBP/4 people group

Booking now

225 GBP/6 people group

Booking now

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