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Durdle Door Tour,Corfe Castle and Old Harry Rocks

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Durdle Door Tour,Corfe Castle and Old Harry Rocks

Durdle Door Tour including Corfe Castle and Old Harry Rocks - Overview


  • Discover the Jurassic Coast and marvel at the ancient wonders of Southern England on this full-day Durdle Door tour, including Corfe Castle and Old Harry Rocks from Chippanham Station. Travel comfortably in your private, air-conditioned car while spending time in Durdle Door, visiting historic Corfe Castle, and continuing on to another coastline formation: Old Harry Rocks.


What to Expect: Durdle Door


After being picked up from the Chippanham train station meeting point, travel in the comforts of your private car to your first stop on the Durdle Door Tour.


This formation is located along the South West Coast Path near to Hambury Tout, and west of Lulworth Cove. Durdle Door is popular a very popular touristic site drawing in an estimated 500,000 visitors per year. It’s one of the most iconic natural stone arches in the world, as well as being a fantastic spot to see the sea and skies. It’s the perfect photo opportunity, so don’t forget to bring your camera! About 25 million years ago the African tectonic plate collided with the European plate and the gigantic pressure shifted earth and stone to create the alpine area that are now known as the Alps. The collision effected the region what is modern day England as well, and folded the rock into what would become South Dorset.


Durdle Door is a world-famous natural rock arch and a gorgeous secluded cove; they exist because of the collision of continents and the creation of the Alps. When you visit Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, if pay close attention to the formation then you will notice that the layers exposed in the cliffs are shifting dramatically to the north. One of the most interesting things about Durdle Door is that it is made up from a layer of hard limestone that stands almost vertically out of the sea; normally limestone layers lie horizontal. Only an enormous force in geology could have caused these rocks to form in this way: the shifting of tectonic plates.


What to expect: Corfe Castle



After the beautiful Durdle Door you’ll be on your way to visit the village of Corfe Castle, and the ruins themselves.

Corfe Castle along with much of the village of Corfe and the entire Bankes estate, was left to the National Trust upon the death of Henry John Ralph Bankes in 1981.

The castle is one of Britain's most famous surviving buildings of the English Civil War, that was partially destroyed in 1646 by the Parliamentarians.

This is a great spot for adults and children alike as visitors are captivated by these romantic castle ruins with standing tall and looking across Purbeck.

Come discover 1,000 years of its history as a royal palace and fortress with secret places, and idyllic ruins, and tales of treason echoing within its walls.


The castle was closed for a period of restoration between 2006 and 2008, after the keep was decleared too dangerous to allow visitors within it. The National Trust made extensive restorations on the castle, allowing the keep to be reopened in 2008, and the rest of the work on the castle was completed the following year. During this project, an “appearance” door was unearthed in the keep, that was designed for Henry I; making this one of the most important castles in England in that period.


Castle Corfe is an internationally recognised structure and a Grade 1 listed building. It is among the National Trust’s most-visited historic houses, bringing in nearly 190,000 visitors.


After the romantic ruins of Corfe Castle, ready yourself for another beautiful coastal formation!


What to expect: Old Harry Rocks



Old Harry Rocks are three chalk formations, that are found along the Jurassic Coast, located on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset.


There are plenty of legends that surround the origin of the name of the formation. Some are very tall tales, while others are a bit more reasonable: such as the story claiming that they were named after Harry Paye, the infamous pirate from Poole, who used the rocks as cover to await unsuspecting merchant ships; or there are more far-fetched legends telling of how the Devil himself (who was referred to as ‘Old Harry’) used the rocks as a place to sleep. A third tale recounts the drowning of a ninth-century Viking raid ruined by a storm and turning the Viking, Earl Harold, into a stack of chalk.


This last tale may actually have a fragment of truth to them, as the rocks were formed millions of years ago from the buildup of plankton and microorganisms, so part of Earl Harold may be embedded into the formation.


Old Harry Rocks were used in World War 2 by British air force pilots for target practice and scuba divers exploring near the formations will occasionally find .303 shell cases on the seabed. The chalk stalks are destined to be eroded away by the sea, but new ones continuously emerge as the sea forms them over the ages.


Your trip ends with your return to the original pick-up point, chauffeured in your ComfortTaxi!


The Durdle Door Tour of Comfor Taxi Tours is an excellent choice for the fans of nature. With the inclusion of Corfe Castle and Old Harry Rocks you are going to have an excellent day trip. Book your private tour today!

Your tour ends with as it began: at Chippenham Train Station, after a peaceful ride in the comfort of your private car.

Important Information


Departure Point


Chippenham Train Station, in Short Stay car park


Departure Time


8:00 am


Return Details


Concludes at Chippenham Train Station at approximately 6:30 pm





  • Transport by air-conditioned comfortable private car
  • Admission to Corfe Castle (Entry ticket not include)
320 GBP/4 people group

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350 GBP/6 people group

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