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Lacock Cotswolds Tour with Bath and Stonehenge

Discover the England's most amazing tourist attractions!

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Lacock Cotswolds Tour with Bath and Stonehenge

Highlights of the tour

  • From Chippenham to Bath, Stonehenge and Lacock Cotswolds Full-day Trip

  • Tour Bath, a city filled with Roman architecture and thermal waters

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stonehenge

  • See Lacock, one of England’s most beautiful villages

Bath, Stonehenge and Lacock Cotswolds Tour - Overview
Discover the delights of rural England on this full-day trip to Bath, Stonehenge and Lacock Cotswolds from Chippenham Station. Travel comfortably in an air-conditioned private car while spending time in Bath, visiting the largest stone circle in Europe, and continuing in a small group to visit Stonehenge, Europe’s best-known prehistoric monument and lastly tour to the lovely village of Lacock.

What to Expect: Bath


After being picked up from the Chippenham train station meeting point, travel by comfortable private car to your first stop:


Bath, Somerset is a city filled with history, culture and things to do! It contains the best examples of Roman architecture in England; perhaps the most famous being the Roman Baths and Temple, which now serves as a museum for the preservation of the great Roman bath, displaying Roman and Celtic artifacts discovered at the site. The name of the city itself is tied to its history of being it being a spa town and being built over hot springs. With 43 minerals, 275,000 gallons of water, always at 46.5 degrees C, coming from a depth of 10,000 feet, it’s easy to see the appeal in such a bath. At present the Roman Baths aren’t opened to bathe in, but if you bring your bathing suit, you can dive into the very same waters at the modern Thermae Bath Spa, just a few steps from the ancient bath.


The Celts built the first shrine in the place where the baths now stand, to honour the local goddess of the springs: Sulis. This is how the city received its name, the Romans naming it Aquae Sulis, meaning “the waters of Sulis”, who recognised her as the Roman goddess Minerva. The name evolved over the years, with the names relating to it being a place of baths.


Bath Abbey is an architectural marvel. The Gothic cathedral was founded in 1499, and still stuns people in the modern age for its fan vaulting in the nave ceiling; come stare in awe as you gaze up at this vision to behold. The cathedral was constructed after Bishop Oliver King had a vision of angels climbing to and from Heaven with the use of ladders, and these very angels can be seen carved in stone along the side of the west front.


Pulteney Bridge was voted one of the most romantic bridges in the world, and is listed as a Grade 1 building, and an exceptional point of interest. The bridge rests above the river Avon, and was completed in 1774 connecting Bath with the town of Bathwick. The bridge’s three arches support shops on either side of the bridge and it’s built in the Palladian architectural style, designed by Robert Adam who drew inspiration from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and the Venetian Ponte Rialto.


What to Expect: Stonehenge


After the marvels of Bath, you'll be able to view England’s countryside as you’re driven to Salisbury Plain, the home of the UNESCO-listed stone circle: Stonehenge! Come delight in this prehistoric edifice, whose origins reach back 4,500 years and is built on the axis of the midsummer sunrise. It is thought to have been an ancient temple aligned to the movements of the sun, a site for rituals in honour of pagan gods, or a Druid place of worship. With the help of carbon dating, it was possible to identify that the construction of the henge began around 3100 BC and ended around 1600 BC; the monument took over 1500 years to be built as it is seen today! As you take in this old-world wonder you'll theorise on how these monolithic stones were transported from the Preseli mountains in Wales, over 240 miles away!  Afterwards, come see the cutting-edge visitor centre to see the archaeological and virtual displays, hosting over 300 archaeological wonders for you to discover, including jewellery, pottery, and human remains. What purpose did Stonehenge serve? We may never fully known, but it is hard not to be drawn into thinking about the mystery of this incredible feat of ancient architecture.


What to Expect: Lacock Cotswolds


After Stonehenge, your next location will be the village of Lacock Cotswolds, known for its medieval half-timbered houses. The village is also a popular film location for British movies and TV series: Come see where they filmed parts of the Harry Potter series, Downtown Abbey, and Pride and Prejudice. Pay a visit to St. Cyriac’s Church, built in the 14th century an designated as a Grade 1 building; the ranking given to buildings of exceptional interest! It’s sure to captivate you as well. Besides the church is a tithe barn that has been there since the foundation of the former; it’s a well-preserved stone and timber building in pristine condition. If medieval architecture is something you love then you must visit Lacock! The Lacock Abbey and grounds will surely make you gasp at its beauty, and marvel at the famous sights.


Your tour ends with as it began: at Chippenham Train Station, after an effortless ride in the comfort of your private car.


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Important Information


Departure Point


Chippenham Train Station, in Short Stay car park


Departure Time


9:30 am


Return Details


Concludes at Chippenham Train Station at approximately 5:30 pm





  • Transport by air-conditioned comfortable private car
  • Admission to Stonehenge (Entry ticket not include)
  • Admission to Lacock Abbey (Entry ticket not include)
215 GBP/4 people group

Booking now

240 GBP/6 people group

Booking now

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